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Automated Radio #3: Spoken Features

Spoken Features

Perhaps the strength of your station is your music format. Of course, you don’t want to mess with that. Play the right music, and play it as much as you can.

Automated Radio #2: Station IDs

In my country, all radio stations are required by law to identify themselves a minimum of once per hour. OK, that’s the legal requirements…but what about the relational requirements?

Come on folks, radio

Automated Radio # 1: What is an Automated Station?

What is an Automated Station?

An automated radio station is a station that operates automatically, using radio software. It is programmed to play certain audio at certain times, and it can keep playing

Music Library Tips #5: High Rotation Playlists

As I mentioned in this blog topic last Thursday, playing songs more often is a means of introducing new songs and making them known. As we all know, it is the favourites of

Music Library Tips #4: Core Artists

When you are building a radio station music library from scratch, it is important that you have a clear picture of what will define your station sound. One helpful tool in this process,

Music Library Tips #3: The music library is a living organism

Our bodies are a wonder! Every day, as we take in food and liquid, our bodies create new cells, and discard old ones. Here’s the amazing part; in this process, we don’t lose

Music Library Tips #2: Build the right sized music library

There is a balance to this.

A smaller library means that your listener will get to hear each song more often. This is good if you want to build the listener’s familiarity with

Music Library Tips #1: Get Inside Your Listener's Mind

So, you want to start your own radio station. Good on you. And you want to play music. Great. And your cousin has a hard drive with half a million songs – so

Internet Radio Tips #6

Hi there. This is the final in this series on broadcasting radio on the Internet. We hope you find it useful. Don’t forget, you can access the full video series for free here:

Internet Radio Tips #5

Thanks for staying with us through this short series. We hope you find it interesting, and that it gets you thinking!

5a: Get the Gear.  Yes, it’s true that Internet radio stations require

Internet Radio Tips #4

Welcome back to part four of our short series on tips of Internet radio broadcasting. We hope you are finding this interesting and useful. Don’t forget – you can check out the entire

Internet Radio Tips #3

I hope you are enjoying this short series of tips for Internet radio broadcasting. We appreciate your feedback.

3a: Expand your reach.  To start with, the place where the station and listeners meet

Internet Radio Tips #2

Thanks for joining us again today, as we continue our short season of tips for Internet radio. (see the full series at…/videos/internet-radio/)

2a: The numbers are different.  While

Internet Radio Tips #1

These days, people are accessing their media more and more through the Internet. Yes, terrestrial radio still has its place, but you will notice that most radio stations simulcast their programme via both

Tip of the week 2017-07-05: Storytelling part 3 (characterisation)



Dara: (impatient) Namfon, what’s holding you up?  Come on! You’ll be late for school, and I’ll be late to the market.  You know

Tip of the week 2017-06-27: Storytelling part 2

Is a picture really worth a thousand words? In this modern age…it all depends.

These days, people are increasingly used to visual media.  They watch YouTube, and Facebook’s LiveStream. They expect their information