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Internet Radio Tips #4

Welcome back to part four of our short series on tips of Internet radio broadcasting. We hope you are finding this interesting and useful. Don’t forget – you can check out the entire

Internet Radio Tips #3

I hope you are enjoying this short series of tips for Internet radio broadcasting. We appreciate your feedback.

3a: Expand your reach.  To start with, the place where the station and listeners meet

Internet Radio Tips #2

Thanks for joining us again today, as we continue our short season of tips for Internet radio. (see the full series at…/videos/internet-radio/)

2a: The numbers are different.  While

Internet Radio Tips #1

These days, people are accessing their media more and more through the Internet. Yes, terrestrial radio still has its place, but you will notice that most radio stations simulcast their programme via both

Tip of the week 2017-07-05: Storytelling part 3 (characterisation)



Dara: (impatient) Namfon, what’s holding you up?  Come on! You’ll be late for school, and I’ll be late to the market.  You know

Tip of the week 2017-06-27: Storytelling part 2

Is a picture really worth a thousand words? In this modern age…it all depends.

These days, people are increasingly used to visual media.  They watch YouTube, and Facebook’s LiveStream. They expect their information

Tip of the week 2017-06-12: Storytelling in radio

I recently heard about a culture in Africa that tells stories in four-line poems.  Another ethnic group tells stories in songs. What ways are stories told where you’re from?

I’ve frequently used short

Tip of the week - 2017 05 30: Voice tracking

Voice tracking your radio show can carry distinct benefits.  It extends the human element at the station into hours which would otherwise have music only, and this is attractive to the listener.  It

Tip of the week 2017 05 23: Passion for youth radio

Have you ever seen a hot-air balloon?  In my home town in New Zealand there’s a big festival every Easter.  Balloons are in strange shapes: a cow, Cinderella’s carriage, and more.  But one

Tip of the week 2017 05 09: Radio is here to stay!

Last month was my first opportunity to attend the annual conference of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (  It was a really interesting time: with people from 33 countries gathered in Bangkok, Thailand,

Tip of the week 2017-04-24: The value of the clock

Guest column from Lisa Balzer.


Recently I was working with a group of online radio producers who had been creating content for several years.  They had never received formal training, yet

Tip of the week 2017 04 18: Be aware of ambient noise

Today my friend was recording some travel tips in a home-studio.  Sprinkled about the walls were guitars—some acoustic, some electric.  Nice look!  But, as the recording started, there was this weird bass resonance

Tip of the week 2017 04 04: More on PSAs

Last week we thought about how ‘public service’ can be about community involvement. That’s true, and getting involved in the community is a great way to make connections with those who listen—and those

Tip of the week 2017 03 01: What about the 'public service' part of PSAs?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about PSAs, lately. I even wrote a training guide on them! All the reasons why they’re important: the logistics of maintaining a good contact list…the content of

Tip of the week - 2017 03 21: Easter promos

Is Easter celebrated in your country?  If so, how?  In some countries (like New Zealand) the stores are full of chocolate eggs, and the whole event is an excuse to eat more junk-food. 

Tip of the day 2017 03 14: Using SFX

Have you ever had to use sound effects (SFX) in your show? Perhaps if you run competitions, you’ve had fun FX as ‘hot keys’ to respond to callers when they get the answer