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Tip of the Week - 2016 03 22: Start a Station Diary

Short of things to talk about on air?

Start a station diary!

You are always being informed about upcoming events in your area. You get letters and brochures in the mail, emails in

Tip of the Week - 2016 03 16: Life and Death – Two True Radio Stories

I was thinking about the things we say on air today. We have the power to make someone’s life better, or to make their misery worse. We have the power to refocus

Are You an Announcer or a Programme Presenter?

Maybe you thought it is the same thing! Let’s see.

An announcer, by definition makes announcements. An example of an announcer might be someone who tells passengers their plane or bus is now

Tip of the Week: 2016 03 08 - What you say on air = the views of the station.

To the listener, the announcer IS the radio station. The announcer’s words and attitudes are perceived as the beliefs and goals of the station – rightly or wrongly.

If you are a radio

The Best Microphone Position

How do I position my microphone to get the best voice quality possible?

For some useful hints, watch this video. Here’s the link:


Tip of the Week: 2012 02 29 - Pre Read Your Scripts

Run out of things to do before you go on air?

Why not pre-read all your scripts for today’s programme.

* Practice reading all your scripts…aloud. Listen as you read.

* Mark your

Feeling Uninspired?

Maybe you didn’t sleep well, or maybe you are just having an “off day.” BUT, you still have to go on air with a compelling programme. You have to sound positive, and you

Tip of the Week: 2016 02 19 - Two Voices at Once

Ever had two people talking to you at the same time? It doesn’t work does it?

So…Never talk over the vocal of a song. That is…never talk while there is singing in a

Tip of the Week: 2016 02 12 - Stretch...

Would Ronaldo play a game without warming up first?

Neither should a radio announcer!

You have important things to communicate – you need to do that clearly, while not causing injury to yourself!

My Most Embarrassing On-Air Moment

One Saturday morning, I was talking about a news story (it was about the bible being translated into the Klingon language from Star Trek). Half way through, my brain went to sleep. My mouth

Tip of the Week: 2016 02 05 - How often is too often?

How often is too often?

Question: It feels like I’m reading this announcement way too often. Surely, my listeners are getting sick of it?

Answer: If your audience listens on average for

Tip of the Week: 2016 02 02 - Before You Go On Air

Run out of things to do before you go on air?

Look at your list of songs for today’s upcoming programme. Choose five songs and do some research on them…like:

  •  Is there