Tip of the Week: 2016 03 08 - What you say on air = the views...

To the listener, the announcer IS the radio station. The announcer’s words and attitudes are perceived as the beliefs and goals of the station – rightly or wrongly.

If you are a radio announcer, it is very important that you fully understand and agree with the goals, standards and mission statement of the radio station you work for. They have chosen these for a reason, and in fact, they are the reasons for the station’s existence.

This affects what you say, how you say it, the topics you talk about, your on-air persona and how you relate to the listener.

All announcers, programmes, music, features and commercials must work together to achieve the radio station’s goals. Your Station Manager or Programme Director will work with you to make this happen.

If you are happy with this…great!

If not…get with the programme…or go find a different station you can believe in.

This guy in this video has to be seen to be believed. Go watch at:


Happy broadcasting!


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: Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

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