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Oh no, I haven’t got a microphone…Hang on, Yes I Have!

You want to make a recording to play on your radio station. Perhaps it’s a message to go before a song request; maybe you need to broadcast an emergency message; or maybe you

Live Scripts -to Read or Not to Read

Live scripts are a great way to communicate information to your listener in a personal way (not just in canned commercial format). Station promos and announcements, community notices and even commercials.

Most stations

How To Make Your Voice Sound Better in Audacity

This is how to make your voice sound better in Audacity for gameplay commentaries, when singing, performing a voice over and more. The native effects that come loaded on audacity have the

8 time-saving tips & tricks for Audacity

Learn how to edit audio projects much faster with simple tricks in Audacity. Links and shownotes at Zoom shortcuts2. Scroll shortcuts3. Selection jump4. Backwards editing5. Playback speed6. Labels7. Chains: Keyboard shortcuts(In case you’re

Morning voice This is what you do about it

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