Posts for January, 2019

Listener Station IDs

Spice up your inventory of Station IDs, by using the voices of…your listeners.

You have the Station IDs featuring the radio guy with the silky-smooth voice; you have the Station IDs that

Don't Preach on Air

Some readers of this blog are people of faith…and…are broadcasters. It’s OK, both are welcome ?

However, nothing turns a listener off quicker than a radio host preaching (even if that listener

Announcing Live on Air – using a Phone!

Today I did something I have never done before. I broadcast part of my live radio show, using my Android phone as my broadcast microphone.

How did it sound? True, it

Interviewing Skills – Keep it Tight

Interviews are important in radio. They introduce new voices, different perspectives and a human touch to your station. But no interview is given unlimited air time. You need to keep your listeners’

Use Skype to Record Interviews

These days, it is not necessary to go on location to record an interview. You don’t even have to have a telephone interface. Many radio stations use Skype to record their interviews.