Posts for February, 2018

Wonderful Voice Over Self-Improvement Technique

Click on this link to learn a great technique you can work on by yourself to improve your voice over work, and to add more styles to your repertoire.

This video is from

The Promo ID

Here’s an idea…if you haven’t already thought of it.

When you next create some Station IDs for your station, why not create a few Promo IDs as well.

Promo IDs are Station IDs;

A Handy Low Cost Microphone Stand

Perhaps, like me, you produce audio content at a desk, in front of a computer. I have a very simple set-up, with a USB powered microphone, and free recording software on my PC.

One-Touch Voice Post Processing

I own a basic USB microphone that captures reasonably good voice recordings, and on my computer, I record using an audio editor called Audacity.

Then, using my audio editor, I post process the

KEYBOARD SHORT CUTS - The Audio Editor's Godsend

Audio editing can be one of the most repetitive tasks in radio. You may be editing an interview to duration, or perhaps piecing together a recorded programme with lots of different audio components.