A Handy Low Cost Microphone Stand

Perhaps, like me, you produce audio content at a desk, in front of a computer. I have a very simple set-up, with a USB powered microphone, and free recording software on my PC.

However, the one thing I must never do is to hold the microphone in my hand while recording. By doing that, I am asking for lots of unwanted handling noise, which would render my recording unuseable.

I need some kind of stand that will hold the microphone in position close to my mouth (essential), while not breaking my budget. The spring arm microphone stands are ideal, but they can be pricey.

I recently heard about a device called a Universal mobile phone holder. On one end it clips to my desk, and on the other, it grips a

mobile phone or small microphone. There is a strong metallic cable in between. It is flexible, yet quite firm, so I can position my microphone near my mouth, and it stays there.

In another recent post, I talked about using a mobile phone as a microphone if you don’t have a microphone. In that case, a phone holder like this would be the ideal hands-free microphone solution.

At a local shop, it cost me about $US 10.

It is a low cost item, so treat it gently. But it is a handy tool, and it can travel with you. Get two, and you can record interviews on location!

Happy recording!

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: Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

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