Go Mobile with Your Own Station Apps


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Did you Know 96% of the world have access to a mobile phone?

The Online Radio Training school has observed a clear trend  away from computer based online listening toward mobile based listening.

At present, well over 75% of  listeners access our online radio stations through a mobile device.

Streaming Radio Stations without mobile apps are likely to be more likely ignored by listeners

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[nx_row][nx_column size=”1/2″]NOW YOUR RADIO STATION CAN HAVE ITS OWN CUSTOMIZED MOBILE APP! [/nx_column]

[nx_column size=”1/2″]Your Membership in the Online Radio Training school qualifies you to a substantially discounted price for the development of your own Android and iOS Radio Station Apps.[/nx_column] [/nx_row][tx_spacer size=”16″]

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Each Radio Mobile App offers:

  • A state-of-the-art player
  • Song and Album Art Display
  • A clean and colorful interface
  • A “Previously Played” Timeline
  • Podcast download and offline listening
  • A News section
  • Links to your website and contact information
  • Social media links and interaction
  • Broadcast of music and song metadata through Bluetooth to Car Player heads
  • An Artwork and Interactivity Management System


COST: $250 USD ($350NZD) each for both iOS and Android apps with the management system)[tx_spacer size=”16″]

[nx_button url=” https://payment.swipehq.com/?product_id=15DA27773D67DC” target=”blank” background=”#be4a32″]Purchase Radio Station Apps Package now[/nx_button][nx_spacer]

*Once you have paid by Secure Credit Card Processing you will be directed to a page with the Station App Users Guide, Application Form, Language Translation form (for non-English stations), and customization request submissions form.  Fill these out and submit them and we will will contact you with a completion date (usually one week after receiving all necessary information and graphics).

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