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Developing a Team Mentality at your Radio Station

In sports, it happens all the time. A team of highly-rated, highly-paid superstars is taken down by an opposition of lesser players…who got the basics right and played as a team!

Radio also

Creating a Great Radio Station from a Big Hard Drive of Music

OK. You want to start your own radio station. You’ve chosen your target audience, you know what your station goals are and now you need to sort out what music to play.

Studio Cams – are they worthwhile?

This is a multi-media world. Text on its own is no longer enough. Audio on its own is no longer enough. This generation of media users seems to want their content coming at

Air Checks

What is an air check?

An air check is a method of quality control for radio announcers. The station manager or programme director spends time with an announcer, analyzing their on-air performance, offering


Talkback radio could be defined as a topical phone-in radio programme. It is a forum for listeners to listen to the views of others and perhaps even phone the station and share their

Free and Low Cost Production Music

If you are producing radio commercials, station promos, feature programmes and dramas, you will need instrumental music…and lots of it.

Pre-recorded production music, especially composed for media is the answer, but it is

Free Sound Effects for Your Audio Production

Perhaps you are producing a car commercial that needs a ‘honking horn’ in the background. Or maybe you are making a short drama, and you need beach sounds and an aircraft taking off.

Recording with Multiple USB Microphones

USB microphones are a wonderful innovation. They allow a media person to make quality recordings anywhere, using a simple microphone/lap top combination. In effect, they turn your lap top into a portable studio.

Commercial Writing – The Absolute Basics

There is much to be said about writing scripts for commercials. Books have been written. Seminars have been taught.

But after listening to commercials all my life, I have boiled good commercial writing

Wonderful Voice Over Self-Improvement Technique

Click on this link to learn a great technique you can work on by yourself to improve your voice over work, and to add more styles to your repertoire.

This video is from

The Promo ID

Here’s an idea…if you haven’t already thought of it.

When you next create some Station IDs for your station, why not create a few Promo IDs as well.

Promo IDs are Station IDs;

A Handy Low Cost Microphone Stand

Perhaps, like me, you produce audio content at a desk, in front of a computer. I have a very simple set-up, with a USB powered microphone, and free recording software on my PC.

One-Touch Voice Post Processing

I own a basic USB microphone that captures reasonably good voice recordings, and on my computer, I record using an audio editor called Audacity.

Then, using my audio editor, I post process the

KEYBOARD SHORT CUTS - The Audio Editor's Godsend

Audio editing can be one of the most repetitive tasks in radio. You may be editing an interview to duration, or perhaps piecing together a recorded programme with lots of different audio components.

Oh no, I haven’t got a microphone…Hang on, Yes I Have!

You want to make a recording to play on your radio station. Perhaps it’s a message to go before a song request; maybe you need to broadcast an emergency message; or maybe you

Live Scripts -to Read or Not to Read

Live scripts are a great way to communicate information to your listener in a personal way (not just in canned commercial format). Station promos and announcements, community notices and even commercials.

Most stations