Studio Cams – are they worthwhile?

This is a multi-media world. Text on its own is no longer enough. Audio on its own is no longer enough. This generation of media users seems to want their content coming at them three ways!

In recent years, as a way of meeting this challenge, radio stations have started simulcasting a live video stream from their broadcast studio. But, is this effective?

  • The beauty of radio is that it is a purely aural medium. People are free to do other things while listening. They are not tied to a screen in order to get the message. Most people I talk to these days say they only listen to radio in the car. To me, that points towards a purely aural niche.
  • Television is successful at the visual medium because it expends the resources to make that happen – back drops, hair, outfits, lighting, make up, carefully edited video. Can radio compete, or will it look cheap trying?
  • Hosts walk a tight rope between radio and television presenting. Which one is their primary audience? The moment they hold up something to the camera for the audience to see, they have alienated their listeners. When they describe what they are holding, it’s the viewers that become the second-class citizens.
  • A busy radio announcer is always doing something – pre-reading scripts, talking on the phone, taking a drink, having a stretch, doing strange breathing exercises, having a heated discussion with a co-worker, taking a 30-second breather, or blowing their nose. All of the above are regular and essential elements of an announcer’s performance. How much of it makes compelling viewing?
  • It appears that many radio stations have started video simulcasts out of fear that they will become passé if they don’t. Is this a good enough reason, or should radio put its resources into strengthening its existing niche?

So, what do you think? Was I a little biased? Are there compelling reasons for having a studio cam? Has it been successful for you? Do you happen to enjoy watching live studio streams?

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: Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

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