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Free and Low Cost Production Music

If you are producing radio commercials, station promos, feature programmes and dramas, you will need instrumental music…and lots of it.

Pre-recorded production music, especially composed for media is the answer, but it is

Free Sound Effects for Your Audio Production

Perhaps you are producing a car commercial that needs a ‘honking horn’ in the background. Or maybe you are making a short drama, and you need beach sounds and an aircraft taking off.

Tense ? Top 5 ways to relax behind the mic

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Radio Broadcasting Part 2 of 4: Three Characteristics of Every Piece of Audio Used in Radio

Every piece of audio created, produced, edited, or received in a Radio station has three fundamental characteristics that tell a broadcaster something about how the audio can be used. Every piece must have:

Radio Broadcasting Part 4 of 4: Microphone Technique for Interviews and Reporting

Radio reporters use professional-quality microphones for recording interviews and other sound on their portable digital recording devices. If you hear an interview that sounds distant off-mic and low in level, maybe its a

Sourcing Content for Radio: Part 2

This free sample lesson teaches how you can find great content for your radio show – Get the full course here:

NPR's Scott Simon: How to Tell a Story

This video is a part of the YouTube Reporters’ Center. See more videos on how to report the news — and share your ideas — at Find more videos from NPR’s Weekend Edition

Radio Broadcasting Part 3 of 4: How To Write an Intro for a Radio Feature

In the portion of your assignment requiring you to produce a five-minute Radio feature, our previous videos have shown how to structure a piece called MyShow1, and how to illustrate the name, outcue,

How to Find Content for Your Radio Show

This free sample lesson teaches how you can find great content for your radio show, get the next part at –

Radio Broadcasting Part 1 of 4: How To Structure a Short Radio Feature

Suppose your assignment asks you to produce a five-minute Radio feature. The show should tell a story. It could be based on an interview, a news event, exploration of an issue, or the

RADIO SHOW PREP: What to Bring Into the On-Air Studio

Here’s the show prep a true radio personality should bring into the studio before going on the air. A handy checklist for radio DJs and hosts from air talent/morning show consultant Dan

Dan O'Day - 5 Writing tips - How to write a commercial

How to write a commercial, 5 tips how to write a commercial, Dan O’Day, International Radio Creative and Production Summit


Radio advertising guru and air talent coach Dan O’Day answers Broadcast Future’s Peter Fuermetz’s questions about how (and if) radio broadcasting can survive.

Top 5 Free Prep Sites For Broadcasters

Top 5 Free Prep Sites For ********Please Subscribe to my would be great if you would Share this video & give it a ‘Thumbs Up’My website: Charles is the voice of Mike the

Batch export your audio files with effects in Adobe Audition

Batch export your audio files with effects in Adobe AuditionAudition can record all your effects as favorites which you can use to apply to a batch output of any number of audio files.

Batch Processing & Add Effects to Files in Adobe Audition CC

Get Adobe Audition – support these Learn Adobe Audition – take my full course!Need to add effects (such as hard limiting, normalization and reverb) to multiple files and even convert them to

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