On Demand is OK

You play pre-recorded programmes on your radio station. Some are exceptional. Great!

You repeat your most popular programmes at other times, in order to reach a wider audience. Wonderful.


These days people are busy. Many listen for short periods. Maybe your amazing radio programme doesn’t coincide with those short periods.

Have you considered making your most popular or valuable programmes available on demand? That way your listeners can listen at a time that suits them.

But, I hear you say…that will drive people away from our station.

Actually, no…it won’t.

In order to reach those on-demand programmes, your listeners have to go through your web site or mobile app – straight past all your station branding, messages, static advertisements and ‘click to listen’ button. And…they heard it from you, not someone else! When they recommend the programme to someone else, guess where they’re going to send them!

And if a programme is worth recommending, then it needs to be easily accessed. Isn’t that what your station is all about?

Remember, media consumer habits have changed. Radio is just one of your outlets. If your listener wants to hear a feature as part of your scheduled radio programming, you will be there to provide it for them. If they want to hear it on demand, you will be there to provide it that way too.

Paradigm shift…you are not a radio station. You are a provider of audio programming. If your listener wants a certain product a certain way at a certain time, then be there to provide it for them!

One very strong piece of advice: Promote, promote, promote. Create promos for your on-demand programmes and play them on your station. At the end of your popular programmes, play a short recording to say that this programme can be heard again on-demand, and tell people how to access it.

Finally, you may need permission from the programme’s producer to offer it on demand. Make sure you ask for it.

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: Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

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