Listener Station IDs

Spice up your inventory of Station IDs, by using the voices of…your listeners.

You have the Station IDs featuring the radio guy with the silky-smooth voice; you have the Station IDs that feature segments of songs in your current playlist; and you have the Station IDs that replay the best impromptu moments on your station.

But here’s an idea to spice things up a little.

Get your listeners to tell you what they think of your station! After all, the best sales people are happy customers! Tap some of that enthusiasm.

Take a good quality portable recorder (I used my Android phone) to somewhere you know you will find some listeners. Ask them a simple question like: “Why do you like 93FM?” When they answer, get them to give you a full sentence answer: “I like listening to 93FM because…”

When you get the recordings back to the station, edit them on a programme like Audacity or Adobe Audition. Do all you can to ensure the voice is as clear as possible. Then, place a music bed under the listener’s voice (perhaps your station’s music theme), and end with your station’s ID person saying the positioning statement and name of the station.

There. A listener Station ID.

I did some of these for our Internet radio station. I was surprised how well they worked. Here is an example.

And of course, the people who provided voices are guaranteed to stay listening, to hear themselves on the radio!

Happy broadcasting.

PS: You could also do this by phoning up a listener and recording their comments off the phone line.

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: Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

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