Use Skype to Record Interviews

These days, it is not necessary to go on location to record an interview. You don’t even have to have a telephone interface. Many radio stations use Skype to record their interviews. The audio quality is generally better than a phone call, and if both parties have Internet, then the call is free.

However, if you try recording a Skype call on recording software like Audition or Audacity, you may end up recording one voice, and not both.

Thankfully, there are some free and easy-to-use software solutions available. Today, I tried out the IFree Skype Recorder. I simply start the Skype call, then hit the red button when I am ready to start recording.

The configuration options are useful. You can choose MP3 quality, and where to save the finished MP3. A very useful feature is being able to record your voice directly from your microphone, rather from the Skype call. This results in better sound quality. iFree will also record the conversation in stereo, with your voice on one side and the guest’s voice on the other – perfect for individual editing later.

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: Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

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