Feeling Uninspired?

Maybe you didn’t sleep well, or maybe you are just having an “off day.” BUT, you still have to go on air with a compelling programme. You have to sound positive, and you have to have fantastic content…

But nothing you look at seems interesting; there is nothing newsworthy to talk about; no joke in your joke book seems funny; nothing is coming together for you…and the clock is ticking…

Been there? Or does this only happen to me?


Use some of that uninspired content anyway…it’s probably just your state of mind that makes it look that way!

Bother the other announcers for content or ideas (just don’t make it a daily habit). Promise that they can borrow content off you when it’s their turn to have an “off” day.

Be honest with your listeners. Make light of it. Your listeners appreciate that they are listening to a real person who lives in the real world, and not a machine.

Ask your listeners to respond with their tips about how they survive days like today.

Find someone interesting to come into the studio for a chat on some relevant topic. Two people in the studio creates energy, and may be just the tonic to get you back on track.

When you are hunting for show prep, print / copy / prepare more than you will need. Keep surplus show prep in a “rainy day” folder for days like these.

Aside from that, just the usual ideas.
* Pour yourself a stiff water (and keep doing it)
* Go for an energetic walk (you might get inspired on the way)
* Do your breathing and voice exercises

But, before you do any of the above, and after you have tried all of the above…pray.

WHAT ABOUT YOU…What works for you?


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: Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

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