Are You an Announcer or a Programme Presenter?

Maybe you thought it is the same thing! Let’s see.

An announcer, by definition makes announcements. An example of an announcer might be someone who tells passengers their plane or bus is now boarding or will be running late. An announcer’s job is to pass on information. They may not even be terribly interested in the message they have to convey.

On the other hand a radio programme presenter is first and foremost a communicator. Someone who cares about what they say because they care about their audience and desire to treat them with respect.

A good communicator is relational. They practice crafting their words and sentences to clearly convey the message they want to deliver. They use inflections in the way they speak – the rise and fall of both speed and volume. This greatly assists the listener to understand.

A programme presenter is always looking to interest their listener. An announcer might back-announce a song by saying: “That was ‘Michelle’ by the Beatles.” A program presenter might say: “I hope you enjoyed that song by the Beatles. It was called Michelle – and it was just one of the many Beatles’ songs produced by George Martin who passed away this week at the age of 90.”

Don’t be someone who just makes announcements. Be a presenter, a communicator who engages in a friendly style. You will enjoy it so much more … and so will your audience.

Derek Kickbush
Derek is an experienced programme presenter and trainer. He and wife Glenda live in Queensland, Australia.


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: Friday, March 11th, 2016

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