Tip of the Week: 2016 02 19 - Two Voices at Once

Ever had two people talking to you at the same time? It doesn’t work does it?

So…Never talk over the vocal of a song. That is…never talk while there is singing in a song.

Why? The two voices will compete with each other for the listener’s ear.

It’s OK to talk over the instrumental intro of a song. Just make sure you stop talking before the vocal starts!

If the song has no instrumental intro, then stop talking before you push the play button!

If you wish to use a music bed (sometimes called back sound) while you deliver your voice breaks, make sure you use an instrumental track.

And, very importantly, if you talk while music is playing, decrease the volume of the music while you are speaking. The music is there to serve the voice, not the other way around.

Happy broadcasting, and have a great week.


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: Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

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