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Tip of the week 2017 05 09: Radio is here to stay!

Last month was my first opportunity to attend the annual conference of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (  It was a really interesting time: with people from 33 countries gathered in Bangkok, Thailand,

Tip of the week 2017-04-24: The value of the clock

Guest column from Lisa Balzer.


Recently I was working with a group of online radio producers who had been creating content for several years.  They had never received formal training, yet

Tip of the week 2017 04 18: Be aware of ambient noise

Today my friend was recording some travel tips in a home-studio.  Sprinkled about the walls were guitars—some acoustic, some electric.  Nice look!  But, as the recording started, there was this weird bass resonance

Tip of the week 2017 04 04: More on PSAs

Last week we thought about how ‘public service’ can be about community involvement. That’s true, and getting involved in the community is a great way to make connections with those who listen—and those

Tip of the week 2017 03 01: What about the 'public service' part of PSAs?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about PSAs, lately. I even wrote a training guide on them! All the reasons why they’re important: the logistics of maintaining a good contact list…the content of

Tip of the week - 2017 03 21: Easter promos

Is Easter celebrated in your country?  If so, how?  In some countries (like New Zealand) the stores are full of chocolate eggs, and the whole event is an excuse to eat more junk-food. 

Tip of the day 2017 03 14: Using SFX

Have you ever had to use sound effects (SFX) in your show? Perhaps if you run competitions, you’ve had fun FX as ‘hot keys’ to respond to callers when they get the answer

Tip of the week - 06 03 2017: Whose point of view?

You know the feeling.  It’s the end of your shift.  You’re dead-tired.  You’re so hungry it feels like your stomach is chatting with your backbone.  But should that influence the way you end

Tip of the week 2017 02 27 - Going in unprepared

Don’t you just hate it when you have to go into the studio and you’re not prepared?  It’s happened to me…and there are only so many times I can pull off a decent

Tip of the week - 2017 02 15; Play to your strengths

I often do radio training together with a colleague from Canada; I’m from New Zealand, so together we can help learners gain an interesting spectrum of best-practice approaches to their radio show hosting.

Tip of the week - 2017 02 08; Be fair to your stakeholders

I’ve worked in various Asian countries with radio stations that have different types of licenses.  Some are community stations; some are commercial.  Commercial stations are free to contract with local businesses for advertising

Tip of the Week - 2017 02 01: There to make a change

The New Year has come and gone; now it’s already old enough for us to have broken our resolutions (or failed to start them), and to have questions about whether the coming months

Tip of the Week - 2016 12 21: The Computer Keyboard

These days, almost everything at a radio station is done using computers – playing audio, doing accounts, researching for a programme, recording and editing….

This means that radio station staff spend hours every

Tip of the Week - 2016 12 21: Using a Cart Wall for your Radio Programme

Have you ever listened to a radio programme, and you hear the announcer play short audio clips and funny sounds, often in response to something that is happening on air? Perhaps you wondered

Tip of the Week – 2016 12 07: A Second On-Air Computer

In order to present a diverse, compelling programme, your announcers need to have access to a second computer in the on-air studio.

Here’s how a two-computer setup might look.

The only job of

Tip of the Week - 2016 11 30: Christmas Programming Ideas

In over half the world, Christmas is the most important time of year. Our listeners celebrate Christmas, and so should we.

Let’s look at some ideas for programming on your station this special