Automated Radio #8: Music


Welcome to the final instalment in our series on running an automated radio station.

An automated radio station can continue to run uninterrupted…indefinitely (provided you have your Windows Update Auto Restart turned off). Here’s the problem: Over time, your faithful listeners will get to know your music really well…and perhaps start to get a bit tired of it. That is when you start to lose them.

You need to be regularly adding new music to your library – either through the high rotate system (see here) or straight into your music category folders. With most automation systems, it is as simple as adding the new song files to your music folder, and the software will start scheduling them.

The high rotate system is a good way of introducing new music. You could even have a New Music category, rotating with up to 50 songs. Just don’t forget to transfer the songs on to their appropriate music categories when they have done their time in New Music.

Simply put: Keep the music fresh. Add new music regularly.

If you have enjoyed this short series…disagree with it…have something to add…or a question to ask, please leave a comment below, and we’ll keep the conversation going!

Happy Broadcasting!

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: Thursday, September 14th, 2017

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