Automated Radio #6: Voice Tracks

Voice Tracks

A Voice Track is a recorded DJ announcement, that is scheduled and played between songs or programmes. It is specific to that one time, and is not repeated. It gives the impression of having an announcer live in the studio. This is a great point of human contact with your listeners.

Voice tracks are recorded in advance, and are not live.

You can talk about today’s news, tell a funny story or chat about the songs you are playing. You can tell the listeners what is coming up, and why they should stay listening.

Some radio automation systems will allow you to record and save voice tracks directly into your playlist in a simple, single step. Otherwise, you can record a voice track using recording software, edit, and then insert into the playlist or schedule for airplay.

With an automated station, you could record a voice track at the top of each hour…or do two or three per hour. It certainly makes the station more relevant to your listeners, and provides a point of human contact (as does having a Contact Us button on your web site).

Speaking of Contact Us, do so below. Let’s have a conversation.

Tomorrow, we will think about Meta Data.

Happy broadcasting!

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: Thursday, September 14th, 2017

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