RADIO SALES: When to Start Asking Questions

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Added: Thursday, October 19th, 2017
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RADIO SALES: When to Start Asking Questions

One of the most important radio sales techniques is NOT to ask questions until you’ve established rapport and trust with the radio advertising client or prospect. Sales trainer Pam Lontos my radio advertising sales training courses, I always instruct account executives: Don’t start asking questions of the prospect until you first build a strong emotional rapport. Otherwise, you’ll sound like a drill good are questions that are asked before rapport and trust are built? No goodat all. The customer has a barrier up until you establish and trust building come first to get the client to open up so that he or she will tell you all you need to know, and you can get them to say what you need them to say to control the sale can use the statements they make early in the sale to stop them from lying later, because they don’t want to contradict questions are asked too late, after you begin your presentation of your radio station, or if you’re selling, or even worse, closing the sale, the client is then defensive and feels he has to protect himself and his money from you. So he clams is a narrow window in which to safely ask questions to get honest and detailed answers, and that is after trust building and before questions are correctly used, instead of feeling grilled or pressured by the salesperson, the prospect should feel he’s being taken care of by a friend, a consultant, someone who’s there to help him, a person who cares, who is there to solve his questions too soon when you first go in and the prospect will lie because there’s no trust built. Ask questions when you’re selling or closing and they lie to prevent you from selling them before they’re ready to make a the more you push for answers at the wrong time, the more they clam up or ‘s apply this to ourselves, because we do the same thing when we go out to buy. You go into a jewelry store and you want to buy a beautiful diamond ring. You’d spend up to $1,500. The salesperson asks you, “How much are you willing to spend?” You say that you’ll spend $1, say this, and you’re honest, because you want to see the best selection in your price range. Also, if you find what you like at $900, you can’t lie later because you already told the clerk that you would spend up to $1, the salesperson didn’t ask you and you found a $900 ring that you liked, then you just lie and say, “Well, I can only spend about $750,” trying to get a better deal hoping that that salesperson would lower their you see, we do the same thing when we’re buyers. Time your questions properly to get honest answers when making your radio sales presentation.

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