RADIO SALES TIP: How to Sell More By Making Prospects Do This...

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RADIO SALES TIP: How to Sell More By Making Prospects Do This...

Radio station account executives really can sell more by making the prospect laugh. Radio sales training guru Pam Lontos explains in this brief lesson for anyone who sells radio people laugh, they feel good. Many experts says that when someone’s depressed, they should just start though they don’t feel like laughing. After a while they start to feel better. It’s not a cure for depression, but the correlation between ‘laughing” and “feeling good” is I was in front of an advertising client, I knew that I’d just increased my chances of selling them if they laughed. One of the ways to get someone else to laugh is to laugh yourself and to be fun. On the other hand, if you’re boring, you’re never going to get in there on a second and third a salesperson will get in to see the client on the first call and think they did a great job with their presentation. But then when they follow up to schedule another appointment, they can’t get in a second time to sell you don’t close on the first call, you’ve got to get back in again in order to ever get that sale. And once you do get the sale, you need to get back in later to be able to sell them again. But they’re not going to see you if you’re not enjoyable to be around.

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