RADIO SALES SECRET: Sell More Ads with Fat Flabby Thighs

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Added: Thursday, October 19th, 2017
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RADIO SALES SECRET: Sell More Ads with Fat Flabby Thighs

Great radio sales training lesson illustrates importance of selling what your advertising prospect wants to buy, not what your station wants to sell. A crash course in radio ad sales from Pam you want to close a lot of radio advertising sales, sell to the main need of the predominate buying motive. Get rid of most of the objections by your earlier questions. If the prospect says he wants it before you close, you aren’t pressuring him; you’re giving him what he wants. Then you’re able to close the sale. He not only buys, but he thanks you. This results in long term advertisers, repeat business and how do you do this? Well, let’s take Part One of questioning: finding the hot button. The best way to find your client’s problem and the hot button, which is the predominate buying motive, is by asking questions. These questions give you the ammunition you need to close the sale you know what the prospect needs, you can gear your presentation to those needs. Then when you show the benefits of your radio station, you can direct them specifically to the needs you just uncovered. Satisfy the needs and the sale is all my years of selling, I have never found a better example to teach the concept of how to find the hot button than the Fat, Flabby Thigh of a woman. Say she is in sales and her group has just won a huge sales contest. She lives up north where the weather has been cold all winter, wearing heavy concealing clothing. So she goes to the department store to buy a fabulous bikini for the free trip they won to Hawaii. She tries the bikini on, looks in the mirror and over the winter she has developed fat, flabby immediately goes to the nearest health club. She only has a couple of months to get in shape. What fun is a trip to Hawaii if you won’t put on your swimsuit?At the health club the person that she is talking to, the salesman, is really into health and he starts telling her how she could improve her cardiovascular system. Does this woman care about her cardiovascular system?No, all she cares about are her fat, flabby thighs. He also tells her if she works out three times a week, she can reduce her risk of heart she planning on having a heart attack? No! All she is concerned about is looking good in that bikini in Hawaii. All the talk about cardiovascular systems and heart attacks will not get her money. But she would pay triple if she thought that giving that health club her money would make her look fabulous in that you understand this concept of finding the hot button, when I put it into radio sales terminology, it will be very easy to you don’t understand finding the hot button, you won’t use it. So the term fat, flabby thighs is a hook so you won’t forget it. So when you are talking to radio advertiser, I want you to be thinking, “Am I talking to someone about cardiovascular systems when they really are thinking about fat, flabby thighs?”

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