RADIO SALES SECRET: How To Sell Advertising By Having Fun

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Added: Thursday, October 19th, 2017
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RADIO SALES SECRET: How To Sell Advertising By Having Fun

The best radio sales training should teach the importance of the salesperson having fun. Advertising prospects buy from people they like to be with, explains legendary radio sales trainer Pam selling radio advertising, make it for you and for your prospect. People hate to be sold but they love to buy, and they buy from people they like. So don’t bore them. Make them want to see you and want to buy from of the things I notice when I make calls with radio sales people is at the radio station, they are fun, they are laughing, they are talking. You see them at a party and they are the most interesting person to be with. You love their you make a sales call with them and they become this boring robot in front of the client, trying to be sophisticated and giving all their facts and figures. The client can’t wait to get rid of them. Be sure that when you’re with a client you act the same as you act with your best of the secrets of how to sell radio advertising is for both you and the prospective to enjoy the process. In other words, to have fun.

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