RADIO SALES TIP: The Power of Asking Questions

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RADIO SALES TIP: The Power of Asking Questions

If you sell radio advertising, always remember that the person asking the questions is the person in control. Radio sales trainer Pam Lontos explains in this audio seminar for account hate to tell you this, but the client often feels that the salesperson is a often comes as a shock to account executives who take my radio sales training courses. But I encourage them to view the situation from the client or prospect’s point of view: In you come, the salesman/liar, to talk to Honest Abe, the client. We know he lies to us. He tells us he has to talk to a partner when he doesn’t. He needs to think about it when he doesn’t. He doesn’t have budget when he does he see it that way? No. He sees himself as honest. You see, what the client says is gospel. What comes out of the client’s mouth is the truth to him, and what comes out of our mouths are , how do we get the client to say what we want him to say? You get the client to say what you want him to say by asking him leading do three things:1. Questions find the hot button so you know how to direct your presentation to raise the client’s Questions illuminate objections before the client can bring them Questions get the client to say he wants what you have before you tell him what you going in to see a potential advertiser, you find the hot button, direct your presentation to it, eliminate all the objections before you start your presentation, and you get the client to say he wants what you ‘t that make it easier to sell and close the sale? Because if they say it, it becomes their idea. If you say it, it’s a lie. So get them to say it with your people are afraid to make a decision, they put up barriers to salespeople. Fear of being pressured into making a decision causes clients to put off their buying decision. Strong sales techniques with questioning make them feel it’s okay to buy from you because it’s their idea, because it came out of their more they talk, the more they think they, the client, are in control, and therefore, they feel , it makes the prospect get involved even if they are inwardly reluctant. They remove their own self-imposed barrier by their own , now you have an information sharing atmosphere rather than a selling one. This type of atmosphere helps to build rapport between you and the client. It puts you and the prospect into a more equal position, like we talk with friends whom we trust. It keeps a salesperson who has a tendency to talk too much from dominating the conversation. If the salesperson dominates the conversation, the client will only build a bigger barrier between them and the sales rep, which will make it impossible to close the sale benefit of questioning is that it gives you time to think about your strategy as the prospect is nice thing about asking questions is that you are getting the other person to talk about his business, about what’s important to them, and people love to talk about themselves. This two-way conversation reduces pressure on the salesperson to give a performance that may not fit the client’s wants and needs.”Nail-Downs” are questions that demand a “yes” and get the client into a more agreeable frame of mind. Remember, the more he agrees to your questions at the beginning, the more committed he will feel to staying consistent with his positive answers to you at the close of the also ensure that the client is listening to you. If you’re just rambling on and on about how great your radio station is and the prospect is not listening, believe me, they know how to look interested and look like they’re listening while they stare at you, but their mind could be planning dinner that night, thinking about weekend plans, or just wandering off into questions demands a client be listening, because they’re never quite sure when another question will pop up and surprise them. So they stay alert so they can answer your questions and you won’t know that their mind was in the ozone. A great radio sales presentation is worthless if the advertiser isn’t paying attention.

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