RADIO SALES TIP: How to Be THE Authority To Clients

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Added: Thursday, October 19th, 2017
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RADIO SALES TIP: How to Be THE Authority To Clients

Effective radio sales training teaches salespeople the importance of establishing themselves as the authority with prospects and clients. Sales trainer Pam Lontos explains it’s your need someone else to be the authority, and you’e a radio sales professional then you are the authority on radio. You must believe in your station and believe it can help the client and that you are doing him a disservice by NOT selling are afraid to make decisions, and they will put it off. All salespeople in all fields must believe they are doing their client a disservice by not selling them, so that they will close the sale. You must believe this to be a high insurance agent doesn’t sell the client a health insurance policy? The client gets sick and has high medical bills that he can’t pay? Salesperson’s health club person who doesn’t close the overweight lady? Six months later she’s 10 pounds fatter and more miserable? Salesperson’s stock broker doesn’t sell the client a great stock? It goes up in value and the client doesn’t gain the extra money? Salesperson’s real estate lady who doesn’t close the young couple on the house they want and can afford? The price increases higher then they can afford in the next year? They can’t buy the house? Salesperson’s radio account executive doesn’t convince the person to advertise to reach their radio station’s audience? Six months later, business is slow? Or worse, they go out of business due to lack of customers? Salesperson’s , people are afraid to buy, even when they want what you are selling them. You must direct them in the direction to buy and give them a gentle push or they won’t that after they buy, they relax. Clients who have been cold and aloof suddenly become your friend after they sign the if they say “Let me think about it” and you say “OK,” suddenly they have anxiety. But they wouldn’t have, if they had they signed. So do them a favor and sell them a radio advertising campaign that will help grow their business.

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