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Every frequency, both audible and inaudible, has a distinct wavelength. The wavelength is the distance that it takes for that frequency to travel one complete cycle. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength, since the wavelength of an audio signal is equal to the speed of sound, divided by the frequency audio sounds have a shorter wavelength that can be absorbed more easily in carpet, wall coverings, and ceiling tile. Lower frequencies need a deeper “trap” to attenuate these longer , because lower frequencies have a longer wavelength, rooms can often be too small to hear some low-frequency sounds. Recording studio control rooms need to be at least 20′ in one dimension to be able to develop 60 Hz. This is why it seems so loud when your car has pulled up next to a car that has a subwoofer. The low frequency doesn’t really reach its maximum sound pressure level, until it hits your car 20 to 30 feet away!

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