Tip of the Week - 2016 05 17: Identify Your Station!

When a listener tunes in to your station, they want to know what they are listening to. If they don’t hear the name of the station within two or three songs, they may go somewhere else.

Let me spell it out: People like to know who they are listening to!

So, if you are the announcer…

Say the name of the station AT LEAST once every voice break. If it is a longer voice break, people may tune in part way through, so say the station name twice – once near the start, and once near the end.

Use your station’s name correctly. Say it the way it appears on your web site, on your building and in your station IDs.

And use the station’s positioning statement often, along with the station name: “Playing all your favourite songs from the 80s and 90s, Bridge FM.” – Just don’t do it EVERY time (unless the station manager tells you to).

Don’t go for more than two songs without identifying your station. Instead of playing three in a row with no station name, place a recorded station ID between two songs.

So go forth and identify!

Happy broadcasting


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: Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

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