Tip of the Week - 2016 04 27: It's Not About You!

How exciting!  Your dream has come true.  You have been allocated an air shift on your radio station. Now you will be able to play all your favourite music – right?  Maybe!  Maybe not!

One of the first things to understand about being on the radio is that it is not about you.  It is never about you.  It is always and only ever about your audience.

It is important to consider the time of day.  What are people likely to be doing at that time of day?  Will they be preparing for the day ahead?  Are most already at work?  Is this an end of day programme?  Will the available audience be able to listen for long periods or listen to short segments as they move around?

What is the age of the audience at the time of your programme?  No use putting on a programme for 12-18 year olds if they are at school.

When and only when you have truly researched your possible audience should you begin to develop the content of your programme.  If your programme does not relate to the audience you want it to reach, you either have to change the programme content – or – ask to have the program moved to a more suitable time.

Derek Kickbush

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: Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

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