The Sweet Spot

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The Sweet Spot

inside that area, will hear the mix as it actually is. Depending on the monitoring environment, the area of the sweet spot may range from quite large to very small. For stereo, the ideal listing position is considered to be at one corner of an equilateral triangle (meaning all sides are equal and all angles are 60 degrees), with the left and right speakers on the other two a surround mix, there are several variations, but the most standard configuration looks like this. Starting with the same equilateral triangle, put the center channel speaker 30 degrees from both the left and the right speaker, and the left surround and right surround 80 degrees each from the left and right respectively. The location of the subwoofer or LFE (low-frequency effects) is not important, since low frequency is sweet spot is usually smaller for surround mixes than for stereo, since the additional speakers create more constraints. However, recording studio control rooms attempt to create as wide a sweet spot as possible, since accurate monitoring is crucial for proper mixing.

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