Speakers as Microphones

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Added: Thursday, March 3rd, 2016
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Speakers as Microphones

Since a dynamic microphone capsule works like a speaker in reverse, often in certain situations, a speaker can be used to capture sound like a microphone. For example, in order to get more low-end on a bass guitar, a speaker cabinet, like the one being used for the bass amp can be placed so that the two cabinets are face-to-face. Then, using a shielded cable running from the speaker jack in the cabinet to a direct box, the sound from the bass amp’s speaker cabinet can be get more low-end on a kick drum, a speaker placed in front of the drum can usually pick up frequencies that are often below the lowest frequency that most kick drum mics can capture. The sound captured by speakers when combined with the sound from the usual direct boxes and mics used to record bass guitars and bass drums, can add some additional low-end and often a bit more “punch” to the mix.

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