Soundfile Formats.m4v

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Soundfile Formats.m4v

When considering which file format to use, know that 99+% of the data in a wav, aiff, or sd2 file with the same sample rate and bit depth is identical. They’re all uncompressed PCM, meaning pulse code modulation files. The difference is in the file header, which is a minuscule part of the entire file. The header contains the metadata. For example, it tells the computer the file length, the number of channels, the sample rate, the bit depth, the time stamp, and the file or BWF (broadcast wav files), developed by Microsoft and IBM, are probably most , audio interchange file format, (using the extensions .aif and .aiff) was co-developed by Apple in 1988, and is based on the Electronic Arts IFF Designer 2, with the extensions .sd2 and .sdII, was originally developed by Digidesign, now Avid. It’s been used by Avid and other manufacturers, but does not support sample rates higher than 48 kHz. Because of this Avid DAWs no longer have the SD2 that any of these file types, with the same sample rate and bit depth, will have the same file size and quality.

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