Mic Preamp

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Mic Preamp

There are three basic audio level ranges: microphone level, line level, and speaker level, that are all measured in dB (decibels).Microphone level is the lowest. It’s typically -85 dB for weaker dynamic mics up to -65 dB for condenser mics that have a higher or amplifier level is the highest. Power amps for speakers generally produce an SPL of 85 dB for theaters up to well beyond 100 dB for rock concerts and sporting , most audio equipment, like recorders, mixers, and signal processors operate at what’s known as either line or (since it’s before the power amplifier), preamp level, which is a range that lies in-between microphone and speaker level. The audio level is typically around +4 dB for professional gear, and -10 (14 dB lower) for consumer or home audio preamps, therefore, amplify the weaker microphone signals to the appropriate line level, so that the audio can be recorded, mixed, and processed.

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