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Added: Thursday, March 3rd, 2016
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DI Boxes.m4v

Often when recording guitars, basses, and electric keyboard instruments, the engineer might choose to use a DI, (or direct insertion, also called a direct box), in addition to or instead of miking the amplifier. A direct box takes the signal directly from the instrument and converts it to a compatible mic level output, that can be recorded as any other are several advantages to using direct boxes. First, there’s no bleed from any other instrument, as might happen when using a microphone, so the signal is clean and has great presence. Second, since the signal is comes directly from the source with no added coloration from the amplifier, it can later be routed to amplifiers in the studio and re-recorded, when no one is in the room, a process called “reamping”. That way, the engineer can get the sound coloration from the amp, with no bleed. Also, the direct box signal can be routed through amp modeling DSP to create approximately the same effect as using live amps. And third, since the instrument is recorded without any added coloration, the decision of what amplifier to use can be decided as late as the final mix.

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