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Added: Thursday, March 3rd, 2016
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Many music producers and engineers still prefer the sonic characteristics of analog recording. However, because of the many advantages of non-linear digital recording, most now use digital audio are plug-ins available that simulate tape saturation, but for those analog purists, there’s a hybrid system call “clasp”, an acronym for Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor, that uses an analog tape recorder in conjunction with a digital audio workstation. It works this recording, the signal is routed to the analog tape recorder and reproduced from the play head a fraction of a second later. Then the signal is routed back to the DAW and recorded. To avoid any latency, the system monitors the input, Znot the tape return. After the stop button is pressed, the tracks are automatically time adjusted based on the distance between the tape machine’s record and play heads and the tape speed recording on digital audio workstations can also be accomplished without the clasp, by simply first recording to tape and then transferring to the DAW. However, the clasp system does this very transparently in real time and also makes overdubbing using tape much easier.

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