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The term “podcast” was first used by Ben Hammersley in a 2004 article in the Guardian term is a hybrid of “iPod” and “broadcast”. A podcast is a type of digital media that can be streamed like a webcast, but can also be downloaded, so that the listened can play the podcast on an iPod, computer, or mobile 2005 Apple released iTunes that had native support for podcasts, and had a podcast category that appeared in the iTunes are typically episodic, like television shows, and can be audio-only, audio with graphics, or video. At one time, lack of internet bandwidth and mp3 players without video displays, favored audio-only podcasts. However, as more users now have broadband and mobile devices with video displays, the number of video podcasts have can be posted to sites like YouTube and Vimeo for streaming, or they can be hosted by an aggregator with an RSS feed.

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